The Brand Behind the Branding of Me

My wardrobe is a walking advertisement for Outdoor Voices.

Outdoor Voices (OV) creates workout clothing and accessories for recreational activities. Not only do I love their products, but I also love their brand messaging.

As a third-year advertising student, I find myself identifying with companies which uphold my values. In a sense, we both share the same “why.” 

On their website, they share their mission statement:

Outdoor Voices is on a mission to get the world moving. We believe freeing fitness from performance starts with having fun and generating endorphins. That’s why we create high quality products for Recreation that make you feel strong, confident, and ready for #DoingThings.

Memorable advertising is all about storytelling–making people feel emotions in correlation with what you are selling. OV puts this effort into all of their narratives. Whether it be their diverse group of social media influencers or hosting Zoom workout classes through their app, OV encourages their customers to participate in activities for the sake of enjoyment, not obligation. 

During the pandemic, I was having difficulty motivating myself to care for my body. With online encouragement from one of their influencers, Ana Coto, I was eventually able to create a routine which improved my mental and physical health. 

I am grateful to OV brand messaging for the way they encouraged me and many others to keep #DoingThings. 

With gratitude,


P.S. Outdoor Voices if you are seeing this please sponsor me 

P.P.S I’m a size small and like exercise dresses


Published by oliviaccohen

My name is Olivia Cohen and I am an Advertising/PR major at UNC-Chapel Hill. Go Heels! My passion for storytelling consumes me, as I am dedicated to learning how to share impactful messages through a variety of mediums. Throughout my education and work experience, I have dabbled in journalism, creative writing, copywriting, and vocal narratives. My goal is to never stop learning. I aim to use my outgoing personality and competitive nature to help companies share their stories in a concise and impactful manner.

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