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Last semester, Ariana Luterman approached me about joining the ADL Creative team. Her vision: create a consulting firm which aids businesses lacking a strong digital footprint. Our goal is to dive into a company culture’s to help expand their digital footprint, enhance their brand and connect with more potential clients.

Our team creates a highly detailed plan of action with an approximate timeline for deliverables at a fixed cost.

In our duo, I am the senior creative consultant. My work focuses on copywriting, creative management, and branding. 

Our first client was Southwest TeePee Rental. Learn more about them and ADL Creative below:


Published by oliviaccohen

My name is Olivia Cohen and I am an Advertising/PR major at UNC-Chapel Hill. Go Heels! My passion for storytelling consumes me, as I am dedicated to learning how to share impactful messages through a variety of mediums. Throughout my education and work experience, I have dabbled in journalism, creative writing, copywriting, and vocal narratives. My goal is to never stop learning. I aim to use my outgoing personality and competitive nature to help companies share their stories in a concise and impactful manner.

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