The Butterfly Effect

If you don’t succeed the first time, there is probably good reason. Since my last blog post, quite a bit has happened. I moved into my senior year house, started an internship and a server job, made many new friends, and went viral on TikTok.  For those who have kept up with my blog sinceContinue reading “The Butterfly Effect”


As seasons change, hair changes!

My hair has undergone a vast transformation over the past year. Since April 2020, I have experimented with five different colors–purple, pink, dark brown, black, and blonde. Some of it has been temporary and some has been permanent.  In a year where I had no control, my appearance was one of the key factors IContinue reading “As seasons change, hair changes!”

Growing Up on the Internet

My generation is the first raised by the internet. Not only did we grow up using it for both school and recreationally, but we also became attached to internet personalities who influenced our interests.  From a young age, I have watched young female Youtubers share their lives with their subscribers. These vloggers would make contentContinue reading “Growing Up on the Internet”

Pirates Are Real: It’s Okay if You Didn’t Know That

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I didn’t know pirates were real until a week ago. My entire life, I thought pirates were made up characters for the sake of Johnny Depp and children’s books. My roommates sat me down and made me watch Captain Phillips, so luckily I learned a thing or two. TheContinue reading “Pirates Are Real: It’s Okay if You Didn’t Know That”

“When the pandemic is over, I can’t wait to…”

“When the pandemic is over, I can’t wait to…” This is a phrase many of us have said over the last year. However, with vaccinations ramping up in America, this doesn’t seem like such a distant possibility anymore. As I will soon be entering my senior year of college (yikes), I want to capitalize onContinue reading ““When the pandemic is over, I can’t wait to…””

Life Isn’t Fair Sometimes and That’s Okay

From a young age, I assumed that if I worked hard enough for something, it would result in a favorable outcome. I was wrong. I identify as a creative person. Both for my advertising major and my extracurriculars, I dedicate myself to my crafts. So, when I decided to enter my creative project in aContinue reading “Life Isn’t Fair Sometimes and That’s Okay”