An Ode to the One Direction Fashion Show

For as long as I can remember, creativity has taken a forefront in my household.  I had the best birthday parties growing up. My parents are notorious for creating amazing gatherings, a manifestation of their innovative minds. Our family created storylines which influenced decor, attire, food, and activities. The most memorable of my birthday’s toContinue reading “An Ode to the One Direction Fashion Show”

Weekend in my life: getting vaccinated and other activities

This is my second try at vlogging… I only said the word excited twice this time and added periods in some of my spoken sentences. Thank you to everyone who let me record them. I am very thankful for the vaccine and all the people working to produce and distribute it. Enjoy! Some links: SaintContinue reading “Weekend in my life: getting vaccinated and other activities”

The Brand Behind the Branding of Me: Part 2

I have always been someone that values emotionally-driven connections. As a self-proclaimed empath (yes, that is annoying of me to say and I’m sorry), I thrive off of relationships where I can understand how the person’s past and personality drives their decisions.  Cue We’re Not Really Strangers.  This brand is a curation of every emotionalContinue reading “The Brand Behind the Branding of Me: Part 2”

The Brand Behind the Branding of Me

My wardrobe is a walking advertisement for Outdoor Voices. Outdoor Voices (OV) creates workout clothing and accessories for recreational activities. Not only do I love their products, but I also love their brand messaging. As a third-year advertising student, I find myself identifying with companies which uphold my values. In a sense, we both shareContinue reading “The Brand Behind the Branding of Me”

Weekend in My Life: Vlog Edition

This weekend, I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried vlogging for the first time. Through the final video, I learned two things about myself: I speak in run-on sentences when I’m nervous We do a lot of baking in my apartment This was a fun experiment but I don’t think I will beContinue reading “Weekend in My Life: Vlog Edition”