The Butterfly Effect

If you don’t succeed the first time, there is probably good reason.

Since my last blog post, quite a bit has happened. I moved into my senior year house, started an internship and a server job, made many new friends, and went viral on TikTok. 

For those who have kept up with my blog since last semester, you may have recalled I wrote a post titled, “Life Isn’t Fair Sometimes and That’s Okay.” This post was inspired by an undesirable outcome—the creative piece I had been working on being rejected from the TedXUNC conference. This piece was about living in the present through the lens of my 1 Second Everyday video. I was devastated upon my rejection, yet knew this wasn’t the final opportunity to share my work.

In May, I posted a random TikTok, inspired partially by my piece and partially by a trend where people would list small actions they had taken which had a significant “butterfly effect” in their life. This video went viral, reaching almost 1 million views and receiving lots of comments asking for explanations and follow ups. One of the butterfly effects I discussed in my blog was about “downloading a random app on New Year’s Day.” This app is “1 Second Everyday, ” as mentioned earlier, and serves as a virtual calendar through which a user records one second videos and then the app edits them to create a year-long movie.

After following up with details in a secondary video, employees of 1 Second Everyday found my social media and messaged me, encoring me to apply to their first ever brand ambassador program. I was elated. I have been using this app nearly everyday since 2018. My dream for years has been to work for them or create content for their advertising. On Thursday, I received the email that I had been chosen as a brand ambassador for “The Unit,” their first member-led advertising initiative.

All this to say, negative outcomes can lead to unimaginably better scenarios. While I would have loved to share my piece through TedxUNC, my redirection led me to work for my favorite company in the world. The butterfly effect is real and I can’t help but notice the irony of my video on this topic aiding me in my journey to becoming a 1SE brand ambassador. 

Thank you to everyone that reads these posts. I am excited to start writing again.

With gratitude,



Published by oliviaccohen

My name is Olivia Cohen and I am an Advertising/PR major at UNC-Chapel Hill. Go Heels! My passion for storytelling consumes me, as I am dedicated to learning how to share impactful messages through a variety of mediums. Throughout my education and work experience, I have dabbled in journalism, creative writing, copywriting, and vocal narratives. My goal is to never stop learning. I aim to use my outgoing personality and competitive nature to help companies share their stories in a concise and impactful manner.

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